Virtuoso Violin Play Instructions

Power up:
The violin, file player and piano loudspeaker all need to be powered up before a performance. There are two way to do this:

- Using the single surge-protector switch (located behind the violin on the floor); or
- Turning on each device separately.

Single Switch Powerup Method:
If all the devices are already switched on, then it’s a simply matter of switching on the surge protector, then waiting for the violin to move the bow to “home” position (this takes 5 seconds) and the file player to boot up (maybe 30 seconds). You’ll know when the file player has finished booting up because it will say “Select.”

Individual Device Powerup Method:
Many manufacturers recommend powering up devices individually. To do so, with the surge protector turned on:
- Open the speaker grill and turn on the piano speaker using the orange switch on the left side of the speaker;
- Turn the file player on by pressing the green “Power” button, which is located on the lower-left corner of the file player.
- Turn on the violin by pressing the switch located behind the lower right side of the violin, on the back of the box.

Playing a piece:
- Insert a floppy disk in the left side of the file player;
- Press the button marked “Source” “I/O”;
- Press the button marked “Left” to see the “Floppy” option;
- Press “Enter”;
- Then use the shuttle wheel to select the piece you wish to play. Each click of the shuttle wheel will bring up a different piece;
- With the desired piece on the screen, press “Enter” to play. The screen will show “loading file” and then “play.”

The violin should begin to play with the piano accompaniment.

As the piece is playing, you can adjust the volume using the shuttle wheel. To stop the piece, press the Stop button (obviously…).

Powering down:
Do not power down until the piece has stopped playing, or until you have pressed the Stop button and waited a few seconds for the bow to move home.

Powering down is -- as they say -- the reverse of powering up. If you use the single (surge protector) button method, simply press that button and everything should turn off.

If you use the individual device method, turn off the violin first, then speaker and finally file player.