Installing the Bow Line from Scratch



1)      Measure and cut off 3 yards of 15lb fishing line and tie a double knot at one end.


2)      Hook this double knot into the line holder at the bow tip.






3)      Open the case and extend the bow down towards the floor, making sure the knot says in place.  While keeping a light tension on the line, run the bow line over the idler wheel nearest the frog and the rosin, down into the case through the line hole and around the internal idler wheel next to the light sensor.







4)      Thread the line through the tiny hole near the tip of the bow motor pulley and pull the line taut.







5)      The violin should now look like this, with the bow frog (the end the violinist holds) pulled down against its stop and the bow tip extended fully downwards, and the bow line pulled somewhat tight.  Check again to make sure the line is still in the two idler pulleys.









6)      Now turn the pulley clockwise (towards you) with your left hand while holding the loose end of the bow line tight with your right hand as the line is drawn around the pulley. Take care that the line winds around the pulley evenly in both directions. The line closest to the motor will wind towards the motor, while the line closest to the pulley tip will wind away from the motor. If the line wraps around itself, don't worry, it will still work. But careful winding at this point insures a flawless bow movement.







7)     When the bow is drawn fully up (the tip hits against its stop) thread the loose end of the bow line through the 2nd pulley hole (closest to the motor).  Note: You can thread it in from either end of the hole and it will work.  The example below is threaded in from the backside, which is preferable.





8)   From this point on it is important to keep line tension (keep pulling the line somewhat taut) so that the spooled line around the bow motor pulley doesn't unwind.








9)   Guide the remaining line around the 2nd internal idler pulley (near the angle servo), up through the case hole, up around the last idler pulley (angle servo side), under the original bow line and to the line hook on the bow frog.







10)      Tie a double knot about 2" before the frog line holder, then pull the line taut until you can hook the knot into the holder.









11)      Cut off any excess line, close the violin case and you're ready to power up!