Adjusting the Piano/Violin Volume Balance on Chili


1) Turn on Chili and let it boot up normally.

2) As it is booting up, check to make sure the latest software version is installed, v 6.07.  (If it isn't, contact Tom Dolan at the Naples QRS.)

3) To adjust the violin/piano balance:

    a) Press the AUDIO button (upper left)

    b) Press the RIGHT > button 3 times until you see VIOLIN

    c) When VIOLIN is highlighted, press ENTER

    d) When you see "Audio Violin - Vol Offset +20 to -20" Use the shuttle knob to adjust the balance


Note: Set the piano volume (on the piano) to its lowest.  Pianists typically play softly behind a violinist to support the violiln performance, not overwhelm it.