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Q: Will the Virtuoso Violin work with my computer-controlled piano?

A: Yes.  The Virtuoso Violin is designed to work with any computer-controlled piano: Just install a MIDI cord linking the two.


Q: I don’t have a computer-controlled piano, how can I listen to the piano accompaniment?

A: The Virtuoso Violin has a speaker built into its stand for piano accompaniment if you don’t have a computer-controlled piano.


Q: How does the Virtuoso Violin work?

A: The Virtuoso Violin uses a patented method called String Driving to play the violin.  More information is available at description.htm


Q: How much music is available for the Virtuoso Violin?

A: Currently, there are 7 floppy disk volumes (about 70 titles) available for the Virtuoso Violin (with piano accompaniment).


Q: What kind of music is available for the Virtuoso Violin?

A: The current library contains a wide variety of music including show tunes, country, classical and jazz.


Q: Where can I see and hear a Virtuoso Violin?

A: See the link titled “Locate a Dealer” above.


Q: How can I purchase a Virtuoso Violin?

A: For purchase information, call QRS Music at 1-800- 247-6557, or log on to the QRS Violin page